History of West Mclean County Farmers Mutual Insurance Company

West McLean Insurance looks upon the past 100 plus years with pride and a strong sense of accomplishment. We look to the future with excitement, optimism and confidence that we will continue to be a contributor to insurance in North Dakota.

Our Timeline

1930s: 1937 – The first board was formed. S.D. Williams was elected president, H.E. Iverson was elected as vice president and the first manager-secretary was Ire Hautcooper. Early on, a motion was made by Directors Iverson and Moll to merge the mutual with East McLean Mutual. The members did not approve, and the merger never materialized.

1940s: 1944 – A special meeting was held that amended articles to make the company's existence perpetual – 48 votes were cast.

1950s: 1952 – Julius Matteson was elected the second manager-secretary due to the death of Ira Hautcooper.

1953 – Donnell Haugen was elected as the third manager-secretary.

1956 – The company at this time provided for protection of the property of its policyholders against damage from all windstorms and hail losses, as well as loss by fire and lightning. Also at this time, the company's place of business was moved to Roseglen. The company's name was also officially changed to the current version.

1960s: 1962 – The company's filed of operations was broadened to include Ward and Mountrail counties.

1964 – A broad form multi-peril endorsement was made available to the policyholders as an option. At this time there were 320 policyholders, and over $6.25 million of insurance in force, with reserves of $55,000. It reinsures all risks over $2,500.00 in a statewide mutual reinsurance company.

1967 – Those of the original policies averaged $1,950, although none of them are in force today. Also an examination of the company was made by auditors for the North Dakota Insurance Department. The examination report concludes, "The directors and secretary have done an outstanding job in operating a true Farm Mutual Insurance Company."

1970s: 1975 – Lyle Reynolds was appointed the fourth manager-secretary on July 11 as Donnell Haugen resigned due to illness.

1980s: 1988 – Lyle Reynolds resigned and Rueben Arndt was hired as the fifth manager-secretary.

2000s: 2002 – Rueben Arndt retired.

2003 – Deme Schlecht was hired as the new manager-secretary.

2004 – Marvin Schumaier, board member, passed away in December of 2004.

2005 – Art Schreiner was appointed to fill Marvin Schumaier's vacancy. Deme Schlecht resigned on April 26, 2005. Alan Henning was hired as new manager on May 6, 2005. The office was moved to Minot, North Dakota on August 1, 2005.

2010 – Alan Henning left employment with West McLean Insurance.

2011 – Deb Keller was hired as the new General Manager and Jamie Williams as the new office manager.

Our Staff

Debra Keller, Manager-Secretary and Jamie Williams, Office Manager

Board Members

President: Ken Sayler
Vice President: DuWayne Walz
Secretary/Treasurer: Debra Keller
Blake Amon
Rueben Arndt
Steve Bigelow
Steve Irey
Jamie Williams